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Love one another and help one another (“sákihitók mina wicíhitók”).

Cree Proverb

Asante watoto (Thankful Children) Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa

In 2018, my youngest daughter Molly and I visited Asante Watoto Orphanage over Christmas. We had the privilege of meeting the Director, Veronica, and all of the children. At that time there were 10 children living at the orphanage. Since then their table has grown and they have 18 children. Veronica and I have maintained contact and she provides updates on the children’s education, health, learning and daily activities. I am grateful for the experience to have met them and we have welcomed them into our family. Known to them as “Mama Simba” (meaning mama lion in Swahili), the children have touched my heart and I am proud to hold them dear and provide them with help. Veronica, my Dada (meaning sister in Swahili) works tirelessly to ensure the children have all they need to be successful and healthy. They have a full staff of help including education support and a social worker to help the children with trauma recovery. They are a registered orphanage in Tanzania, Africa and maintain fiscal responsibility to their government and their supporters. They operate as a non- profit society and have a full Board of Directors. They undergo regular inspections to ensure the children live in a safe environment and are provided with their daily needs. Being a non-profit in Africa is not easy and I hail the courage of the community members who have established this entity to provide children with a needed home. Please join me in helping where you can by sending cash donations for needed supplies. You are also invited to include them in your visit to Tanzania as they are always welcoming and willing to have you donate your time. I will accept email money transfers and PayPal transfers to forward to Asante Watoto. You can also visit their Facebook Page and get in touch with Veronica directly in Messenger if you require more information. Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss the orphanage and their needs.

Greatest Areas of Need

Food & Health supplies

The children need ongoing support for food and health supplies. Health supplies included vitamins, needed medications for illnesses, dental check-ups and supplies, hearing and eyesight check-ups and supplies. One of our cubs has recently developed heart issues. In order for the children to maintain their health, they need the daily supplies we take for granted (toothbrushes, floss, vitamins, glasses, soap, mosquito spray, anti-malaria drugs, etc.). Let’s help them by providing them with meals, snacks, and other supplies.


The Asante Watoto home is the largest expense for the non-profit organization running the organization. They were required to move to a more suitable accommodation in 2019 so the children could have appropriately sized bedrooms and living space. They now have a beautiful home with chickens and a garden. The children can move around the house and play outside. The costs to maintain this needed space can be crippling to an orphanage. Let’s help them take away the worries so they know they have a forever home together with their family.

Clothing & School Supplies

Like our own children, the children at Asante Watoto are growing daily and need an ongoing supply of suitable clothing and outerwear. They also have annual school fees, school uniforms, and school supplies they must have to attend school. Let’s ensure they have all they need for a successful education.

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