Dustin Pierson

“Suzanne was one of my teachers in Athabasca University at the Lethbridge College campus in Lethbridge, AB during the period of September 2010 – April 2011. Suzanne taught me Alternate Dispute Resolution and Offender Rehabilitation. As her student, I found Suzanne to be very approachable, knowledgeable of the content we were learning and skilled at using examples to get her points across. In addition, Suzanne would use a lot of visual aids (IE: documentaries, videos, articles, etc.) and hands-on exercises (IE: group work, roleplaying, etc.) to provide us with a very concrete understanding of the process involved in what we were learning about. The assignments she had us complete for class were clear and understandable. I would highly recommend taking a course from Suzanne, whether you are an academic student or an independent learner looking to sharpen your skills/improve your resume. Her real world knowledge and experience as a teacher will prove valuable to you in your occupational goals.”

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Educator and published author of conflict management and children's books. Living life to its fullest. I believe in courageously honouring my truth and living my legacy. Lover of meaningful conversations, coffee, food, art, and building connections. I love writing about my fascination with culture, food, adventure, self-love, and living a healthy and fulfilled life!

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